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Beyond the Body

As human beings, our bodies serve as a protective armor. As women, our bodies additionally serve as powerful portals. Every human on Earth was birthed from a woman.

With this kind of power, the female body has been a source of political controversy for centuries. 

For centuries, women have had the common experience of objectification of our bodies, being named property at times, threatening the acknowledgment of and stigmatizing our logical, emotional and spiritual selves. Would it be empowering to OWN the objectification of our own bodies? If we remove a layer, what is beyond the body?


The sculptural installation Beyond the Body is a powerful two-part experience for participants to privately use plaster body casting methods to create our outermost shell, in the form of an object! After coming to terms with removing the physical out layer, participants will look inward to reflect on the question: What is beyond the body? The public display would anonymously and proudly show the diversity of bodies of women, who stand in solidarity with owning their selves. By removing the body and putting it on display, we are allowing our emotional, logical and spiritual selves to shine through our complex stories, displayed with the body casts.

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