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(doors, latex paint, historical articles, frames, adhesives, resin, found objects, 

13' x 15' x 6.5', May 2022)

The sea level continues to rise. The tensions have always existed. Both are becoming more apparent. Tensions are rising to the surface now so quickly that people can not so easily deny or ignore it anymore.  As the tides rise,  our community is seeing through a scope of truth which reveals socio-economic inequalities that lead to disparity in the neighborhoods most affected by flooding. 

Inspired by the work of the In[HEIR]itance Project in Hampton Roads, we are calling to the community to examine our past, present and future, posing the questions: What have we inherited? What are we going to do with it? And what exactly are we passing down to our future generations? This exhibit represents the revelation of tensions and the firm pledge to be the change that we all want to see in our world

Rising Tides,
Rising Tensions

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