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Diabetic Amputee

(Sugar, adhesive and human hair, 8”x12”x6”, May 2016)


Not excluding real human hair, the piece Diabetic Amputee is a life-like replica of the human foot made entirely out of sugar and adhesive.


American culture has so finely intertwined the use of sugar with food consumption that it is nearly impossible to go a day (or even a single meal) without consuming sugar. This has raised the rates of diabetes in both children and adults to an epidemic level. Lethal doses of sugar are lurking in every corner, from your kid's school cafeteria to every gas station you can stop at to refuel.


The risk for obtaining diabetes in America is higher than ever. It is important to bring awareness to such a subject because sugar is a silent killer with very little alternatives to those who suffer. With this epidemic on the rise, amputation of limbs is a that much more common. Awareness is the first step to teaching an active lifestyle with healthy food choices. 

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