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Eco-Conscious LOVE Sign

(Reclaimed wood, chicken wire, repurposed lids and plastic pieces, acrylic paint, latex paint, 16’x5’x5.5’, November 2022)

Our generation struggles to keep recycling facilities and services open and functioning. due to lack of education, ease and care, recycling bins are often so contaminated that recycling centers become overwhelmed with their load. This sculpture provides a self-educating opportunity to sort your own recyclables.


The sculpture comes prepared with a rinsing station and is equipped with drop-bases that allow recyclables to be easily removed from inside the letters. L is for glass, O is for #1 and 2 plastic, V is for paper and E is for aluminum. The front of the LOVE sign is covered in the non-recyclable pieces we ran into along the way (mostly #5 plastic lids, which can not be recycled in the Hampton Roads), and was painted to represent the beautiful nature we are geographically blessed with on the coast of Virginia. 

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