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Education = Evolution

The Humanity Gallery features three dimensional graphs and flow charts generated through metaphorical forms that promote sociopolitical awareness. I create visual representations out of materials like wood, chalk board paint and string that can be interacted with understood via information and be interpreted. This ability to interact with concepts, rather than merely see them, is a crucial educational aspect of my installations as learning devices. The work is manifested with multimedia and repurposed products as real time statistics and data are transformed into large-scale installations and sculptures.

The work is about the interaction of being immersed in an overwhelming yet easily interpretable physical translation of seemingly abstract figures and the lack of affect statistics induce when we read them as numbers.  By employing tactility of the materials, physical nature of sculpture and seduction of art are used to interpret numbers and statistics in order to bridge the gap between viewers and information.


Socio-political in nature, these pieces tend to discuss the U.S. within the context of the world. With world hegemony the United States has much of the power and influence concentrated within its borders and perhaps contains the most potential for enabling effective change for the future. In the evolution of humans as a species it is the mind which can afford the most adaptation and change.

The intention is to promote a sense of unity by presenting numbers which back the idea that we are not meant to be divided by our demographics into several opposing sects but we are actually one massive community that is interrelated on complex levels, as seen in Sociopolitical Plinko and Playing with the Population. With inspiration found in my own challenges and fears of the world, the work seeks to highlight issues without bias on topics such as Obesity in America V. Hunger in the World. I hope to inspire people by maintaining their interests in important topics through colorful and fun pieces of art.

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