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Follow The Leader

 (steel and chalk paint, 3’x2’x13”, December 2015)

In order to represent the ratio of female managers vs. male managers in the work place, there are two female deer (doe) leading three male horses on a journey of enlightenment. The contrast between the two animals explains their roles.


Historically, the domesticated horse’s role was to pull heavy loads and work for their living and is associated with the working class and sometimes with death. The symbolic meaning of a woman riding a horse was often representative of a good omen, essential to the welfare of crops for the season and indicates the fertility of woman enabling her to tame the tendencies of death (of crops) by being dominant to this animal. In contrast, the doe has appeared in many versions of history (Roman, Greek, Celtic, etc.) as the revealing of a goddess spirit. It is an animal with free will and great senses. This animal, in terms of folklore, was often mentioned as appearing to people or weaker animals, leading them to nourishment.


This steal, hand cut and welded sculpture portrays the balance of the feminine qualities such as wisdom, intuition and compassion with the strength of males, as applied to the workplace.

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