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Obesity in America V. Hunger in the World


(junk food, white rice and string, 12’x4’x4.7’, April 2012)

1 centimeter (height) = 8 million people

1 gram (weight) = 5 million dollars

In order to understand the issue of obesity in America as compared to the more universal issue of hunger in the world, I created this piece based on correlation. In order to get the community involved, I solicited donations of dry and canned food for the local food bank.

Obesity in America seeks to show, in height, the amount of people in the United States who are obese (145cm) and the amount of money spent by Americans to fight obesity in the U.S., represented in the weight of the unhealthiest U.S. processed and manufactured junk foods (29,400g).

Hunger in the World shows, in height, the amount of people who are undernourished in the world (129.5cm) and the amount of money spent with in the world to fight malnourishment in the world represented through weightless grains of white rice (137g).

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