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Playing With
The Population

(wood, steel, acrylic paint, 11' x 3' x 9.5', March 2013)

This is a commentary to children about children. As the population of the world grows it is important to understand international interaction. 

Each wire represents a different country. Each large bead shows 20 million people while small beads show 100 thousand people. 

The chaotic pathways and organized connections of wires is a metaphor for current worldly interactions. We are all on the same planet but almost never on the same page.

Despite United States hegemony, the population size does not measure up to less economically powerful countries. With this trajectory the U.S. has a status which is not permanent. Not only does this interactive sculpture expand ones world view but it also puts the growing population into perspective by representing the most highly populated countries in all of the major regions of the world except Antarctica.

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